Join Maverick & Taryn on Tuesday & Thursdays for a rigorous and challenging workout that will help you reach your goals, keep you energized and keep you coming back!  Ask about camp packages and meal plans.





Hip Hop by Jay-Jay


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Personal Training with Twins Dakota & Maverick


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Hip Hop dance refers to social or choreographed dance styles primarily danced to hip hop music or that have evolved as part of a hip hop culture.  This includes a wide range of styles, notably popping and locking, and more recent krumping and jerking.  High energy class that incorporates the latest dance moves. Be the one that everyone looks at the party!


Let's have fun with some Latin dance and a social hour afterwards.  Whether you're looking just to have fun, or brushing up on your skills or you've just become an empty nester, this is a great way to meet new friends and learn to dance at the same time. Then hang around for our BYOB social hour after class.  Singles and couples welcomed.  2nd Friday of the month but must register in advance.

The third Friday of every month is pull out them hats and boots for some two-stepping hoe down!


At The Studio Dance & Fitness

Owner's Patricia & Angelique Paccione wanted a place where teachers & coaches could come together to form a unity of creativity to share life long skills and talent.  So 5 years ago the mother daughter team create just that, the perfect studio to showcase artistry of all walks of life. We welcome with open arms all ages from 2 years to the young at heart.  Our current dance teachers & fitness coaches and their companies include Hot Latin & Country Rhythms (Salsa, samba, etc) with Pat,  ​Kingdom Hip-Hop by Jay-Jay,  Soo Bahk Do taught by SenSei (Hiram), Baby Boomer dance fitness by Pat, Fun Fit Boot Camp by Maverick & Taryn and Personal Training by our very own Dakota & Maverick.   We invite you to visit, to try, and to join our family of fun.